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  1. M

    SOLD - 2 hard tickets for Wacken Open Air for sale UK

    Tickets are sold out.
  2. M

    Neil Peart RIP 1952-2020

    Devastating news from this morning. Guys let's pay tribute to amazing musician and lyricist Neil Peart. I must say - somehow Rush music was always around me (example - 10 year ago my band mate had a dog called Rush, but I didn't dig much why), but just until few months ago I discovered how...
  3. M

    best game ever played

    It's quite cool, to see all these opinions from 2006 about best games ever. So much happened since then, but I still consider Morrowind as one of my favourite of all times. Other titles: Baldurs Gate Liero Xenoblade Chronicles (storyline and music) Zelda - Breath of the Wild Witcher 3
  4. M

    Where are the Symphonic Metal bands?

    I feel like Nightwish will be announced at some point. They are releasing new album on the spring so will be touring on summer and have a gap on their tour at the end of July and beginning of August - so fingers crossed!
  5. M

    What are you listening to right now?

    Riverside - The Struggle to Survival
  6. M

    Newbie introductions

    Hey guys, I'm Marek, Polish-born and living in UK. I'm a big prog rock/metal fan. Really anything from Yes, Pink Floyd, through Rush, Riverside, Opeth and to heavier stuff like Tool and Dream Theatre. Wish to see any of them on Wacken, but as long I see the line up - not this year ;-) My...
  7. M

    SOLD - 2 hard tickets for Wacken Open Air for sale UK

    Hi there, We had to change our plans for July/August with my wife so we have two hard tickets for W:OA to sale. We are based in UK (Bristol) and preferably like to sell them within UK. Price is: (what we paid for both hard tickets) €478 plus shipping with DHL. Tickets will be send by DHL...