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  1. Sofreyja

    SVARTSOT at W:O:A 2010

    +10000! They were great at Paganfest, but the show was way too short!! Thanks for Svartsot Wacken!
  2. Sofreyja

    Ill Niño confirmed for Wacken 2010

    I shall even say : :(:(:( Anyway, many bands confirmed so far are OK for me, so I don't have to complain.
  3. Sofreyja

    Final band confirmation in 2009!

    Yes, Varg are great!!!!!! I was quite disappointed for Solstafir as "viking metal band", but now with Varg and Tyr it's all right (with Ensiferum it would be perfect)! :p Thanks!
  4. Sofreyja

    Fiver for billing jackpot

    Debauchery are great! But I think you're announcing too much bands at once... It won't be funny if we know all the bands at the end of January :rolleyes:
  5. Sofreyja

    A fat package for celebrating

    Kataklysm are amazing!!!!!! One of my favourite bands! Ex Deo would have been nice too, but I prefer Kataklysm ;) And thanks for Tyr!
  6. Sofreyja

    Ihsahn going to join!

    Oh, nice :)
  7. Sofreyja

    Black-Death hat trick

    I think Secrets Of The Moon's show will be very interesting... I'm looking forward to it!
  8. Sofreyja

    Cheers from Fiddler’s Green!

    Great!!!!! :D
  9. Sofreyja

    W:O:A *poll* 2009

    Done! ;) This poll is a nice idea. Through the questions, I could see that the Medieval Stage will still be here next year... The Wackinger/Medieval Market/stage were great, so I was hoping they weren't here just for the XXth anniversary. The poll about the full-metal bag is great too (for...
  10. Sofreyja

    Kampfar behind door no. 20

    Yes... I was so sad this year... :( Kampfar is a really good band!
  11. Sofreyja

    Equilibrium at Wacken!

    I could bet Blind Guardian will play at Wacken in 2010, but I don't know if they will be the band announced on Christmas Day (I would rather imagine a big top-act such as Rammstein or Metallica)... Thanks for Equilibrium, and for Kataklysm tomorrow!!!! Great great great!!!
  12. Sofreyja

    Iron Maiden return to Wacken in 2010!

    Oh! Many many thanks!!! I must say I didn't expect it at all! This is a great surprise!! Their show in 2008 was amazing...
  13. Sofreyja

    Almost half-time on the way to Christmas: ENDSTILLE

    :mad: Why Endstille? They were already there this year! I think there are many other black metal bands who deserve to play at Wacken 2010!
  14. Sofreyja


    Thanks!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
  15. Sofreyja

    Mumakil for 2010!

    Let there be meat!
  16. Sofreyja

    EX DEO

    PUUUUUUUUUUUSH! I saw them at Paganfest, they're really great. As great as Kataklysm :D
  17. Sofreyja

    KAMPFAR 2010

    Push! I felt so sad this year when I saw they were cancelled!