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  1. Rock'n'Roll

    I am back!

    That was the plan. If the bike survives the summer... :D Or me... :p :D
  2. Rock'n'Roll

    A Forum game (II)

  3. Rock'n'Roll


  4. Rock'n'Roll

    25.000 before W:O:A 2006

    She lived too far from here... :D
  5. Rock'n'Roll

    Was esst ihr gerade?

  6. Rock'n'Roll

    Forum Spiel

  7. Rock'n'Roll

    25.000 before W:O:A 2006

    We now need a singer... :D
  8. Rock'n'Roll

    Forumspiel 2

    Eye-shaking King - Amon Düül
  9. Rock'n'Roll

    was TRINKT ihr gerade???

  10. Rock'n'Roll

    Sodomy&Lust`s Birthdaythread

    I think I have forgotten your latest birthdays. But better late than never! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D
  11. Rock'n'Roll

    Was hört ihr gerade ?

    Audioslave - Your Time Has Come
  12. Rock'n'Roll

    I am back!

    Ja, jeg er norsk Alrek! :) I guess you are wrong Wolfie! :p This is my second post, or more correctly, my 11.617th post... :D :D :p :p Thanks gnoff! :) Well agresionpower, I'm the fuck who travels around Europe on a yellow horse... :D :D It has been a long and lonely time...
  13. Rock'n'Roll

    25.000 before W:O:A 2006

    My kids are alright. The oldest turned 18 last december, old enough to attend most concert arenas in Norway. My daughter is soon 16 and are away this weekend, at the Norwegian Idol finals, hehe... :D The bike is still going strong. And will be used more than ever this summer I guess! :)
  14. Rock'n'Roll

    A Forum game (II)

    Red Harvest
  15. Rock'n'Roll

    25.000 before W:O:A 2006

    Congrats guys. This never worked out in the old days... :D
  16. Rock'n'Roll

    Bands through A-Z

  17. Rock'n'Roll


  18. Rock'n'Roll

    What are you listening to right now?

    Audioslave - Heaven is Dead
  19. Rock'n'Roll

    Bands through A-Z

    Beyond God
  20. Rock'n'Roll