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    New bands confirmed: Kampfar and Korpiklaani at the W:O:A 09

    Good news about Kampfar. Hopefully you will book more BM bands. I only went this year to see Watain, Nifelheim and Primordial really. :rolleyes:
  2. S

    UPDATE: Running Order 2008

    The only bands im going to see is Primordial, Watain, Opeth, Ensiferum, Negura Bunget, Obituary, Nifelheim and Lord Belial. Maybe Carcass if I can be bothered so no annoyances for me.
  3. S

    Last Band confirmed and new Running Order

  4. S

    Update: Running Order 2007

    Yeah, I dont mind leaving Thursday as it is, its always been a few bands and mostly bad or old... Please do anything to change the Sunday though. Thats the problem at hand. Just get them to change the times of either Immortal or Moonsorrow..(probs Moonsorrow because Immortal are in a perfect...
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    Update: Running Order 2007

    OK, well basically all I REALLY want is Moonsorrow and Immortal not clashing. I dont care about missing ANY other band than these 2. They are THE reason im going to Wacken....
  6. S

    Update: Running Order 2007

    Thats a stupid thing to say and dousnt solve anything! If they stay where they are, thats nothing to do with what we are trying to achieve here and thats to not get Immortal and Moonsorrow to clash. Also, you cant just "move" a band a few minutes around...It dousnt work like that. If they...
  7. S

    Update: Running Order 2007

    Thanks everyone for the support! Please listen Wacken. It would make eveyone so happy. Of course nothing can be perfect and we can live with the Cannibal Corpse/Haggard, Municipal Waste and Vader missing among others but this one change would mean alot :D . Cheers...
  8. S

    Update: Running Order 2007

    AGH! I was sooo happy! I thought I could see both bands! Moonsorrow and Immortal, my 2 favourites, But when I look closer, they still clash! This hasnt changed anything! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Wacken listen to what im saying here, this change im about to recommend will make everyone happy! Switch...
  9. S

    Update Running Order

    Yes, please sort it out. I have already written an email to the organizers urging the change as I dont know how often they look at the forums. I urge everyone who is not happy with the Moonsorrow Immortal clash to write in for the organizers to see that we are serious. Cheers
  10. S

    Update Running Order

    NOOOOOO!!!! Not Moonsorrow and Immortal clashing! Thats aweful planning, this makes me not even care about Haggard and Cannibal Corpse! Ive written an email concerning this messup and I urge everyone else to, if there is a high number of comlpaints then they might be forced to change it! I would...