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    Considering Thin Lizzy's slot over-laps Running Wild, to put any heavy / power in that slot would be bloody stupid! A perfect opportunity to stick a big DM band in to keep you bunch of whingers happy!:p
  2. W


    Noooo I hope this is changed ... A LOT! too many clashes for me on Saturday....I'm old and need a break between bands lol:p Turisas on the small stage ?? and Korpiklaani last on the bill??:eek: I'm old....I'll be passed out before they come on:o
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    Another top-class W:O:A band affirmation this Friday

    Well said that man!! but then I'm an ageing metal-head from the 80's making my way to Wacken for the first time due to a mid-life crisis anyway:D though I have to admit - I'm hoping for some more THRASH to be added to the list! I saw a rumour about Devildriver...that would do nicely!!:cool: