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  1. S

    Hail of Bullets at Wacken!

    Just no. I admit there are too much comedy/joke bands, but it's not that bad... yet Great announcement. I'm now also hoping for Asphyx.
  2. S

    Officium Triste

    The best death/doom band imo. They should play Wacken. PUSH!
  3. S

    TOP ACT: Announcement on the 25th of October

    So wait, Mayhem isn't a top-act:eek::p I'm hoping for Judas Priest, but I heard it's going to be Twisted Sister since apparently they already self-confirmed during an interview. (I only heard about this so no I haven't got a source)
  4. S

    Mayhem at Wacken 2011!

    Great news. I love Mayhem.
  5. S


    Really? First time Wacken I was 16 and I didn't had that. Nobody asked for it and I didn't have any problems.
  6. S

    What happened during Unleashed??

    It was right after Unleashed. When waiting for Overkill I first saw it, but I think it was nothing big otherwise you probaly noticed
  7. S

    What happened during Unleashed??

    I went to see Kampfar at the party stage and after that I went to the true metal stage for Overkill. I saw some security guys in front of the black stage where Unleashed just played. Nobody was allowed there. So I asked some others what happened and nobody knew or they didn't understand me. So...
  8. S

    Deströyer 666

    I've been hoping to see them on Wacken since my first year. I think they would do great.
  9. S

    When will Secrets of the Moon play

    I already expected that. Thanks for the reply.
  10. S

    When will Secrets of the Moon play

    So I noticed that the .pdf file of the running order says that Secrets of the Moon will play Friday on 22:40-23:25 But both here And on the bands myspace it says 02:10-02:55 Now I personally trust this one more, but I rather be...
  11. S

    Running Order including times for download

    It's gone now. Any chance of getting it back?
  12. S

    Unleashed-Kampfar clash

    Sucks that it didn't change. Ooh well can't have everything. If possible I still hope for a change, but I doubt it so I'm gonna have to make a real hard decision. EDIT: Also fuck the Immortal-Candlemass clash. Damn it I hate making hard decisions.
  13. S

    Unleashed-Kampfar clash

    My german isn't good, but if you said what I think you said. Read my post again. I'm not complaining about anything. I'm just saying that me and alot of other people would really like to see it changed. If it isn't possible then it isn't possible.
  14. S

    Unleashed-Kampfar clash

    At the moment there are no times on the running-order, but I expect the times will have the same idea as last years. Now if that is true that would mean a clash between Kampfar and Unleashed. Not just me, but also alot of other people don't really like this. For me these 2 bands are the best at...
  15. S

    Running Order ONLINE & Infos

    I really don't want to choose between both. If I have to choose I think I'd go for Kampfar, but I really hope they change it so we will be able to see them both. Also people should stop complaining about the bands on the medieval stage. We don't even know yet how they will set it up etc. Last...
  16. S

    one big tba left !

    Some obscure kvlt black metal bedroom band that nobody ever heard of.
  17. S

    Running Order ONLINE & Infos

    Comparing this to past running orders it would mean that Unleashed and Kampfar will play at the same time. I really hope they change that. Those 2 are the best bands in the line-up IMO snd I really want to see them both.
  18. S

    Bands to be confirmed?

    Well I wouldn't be that sure about it. Remember last year with UDO?
  19. S

    Age restrictions?

    Wait, so these last 2 years I was actually violating rules... Awesome:p
  20. S

    Update something already

    Seriously I am a man with patience, but it's been like 3 months since we had an update on anything. I can understand that the organizers rather do a good job than doing it too fast, but an update once in a while. Is that really too much to ask?