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  1. _Shadow_


    Hi guys, Why not Hate Squad? :D
  2. _Shadow_

    Night In Gales

    Bring Night In Gales in Wacken with the new album!:D
  3. _Shadow_

    The Wacken Mobile App – for iphone and android

    Already available? I could find on Android Market only Wacken 2010...:mad:
  4. _Shadow_


    Primordiaaaaaaaallll!!!!!!! Redemption at the Puritan's Hand in WACKEN!!!!!:rolleyes:
  5. _Shadow_


  6. _Shadow_


    Any news / new rumors about this show?
  7. _Shadow_


    The best possible band for Wacken is Destroyer 666. The latest album is killer.
  8. _Shadow_


    This kind of "secret show" is not the best way to make people curious. I hope they will announce something at least 3 days before the beginning.
  9. _Shadow_


    Kreator or Sodom will be great! But also a Blind Guardian.
  10. _Shadow_


    Well, if they do not care I will not care in 2010 to travel thousands of km for W:O:A. I have Metalcamp near.
  11. _Shadow_

    New Wacken bands confirmed!

    Insidious Disease :cool:
  12. _Shadow_

    Another top-class W:O:A band affirmation this Friday

    They said that they will announce today.... maybe at 23:59? :rolleyes:
  13. _Shadow_

    Another top-class W:O:A band affirmation this Friday

    The band will perform its last show... so ...
  14. _Shadow_

    Another top-class W:O:A band affirmation this Friday

    There must be some more SLAYER ;)
  15. _Shadow_

    Ok, this is officially the worst line-up ever

    In my oppinion some bands of, let's say "nu metal" have nothing in common with Wacken and 20 years aniversary... those kids are younger than the fest and parallel to metal. So instead of BFMV and all that kind of non-metal I would prefer some real legends.
  16. _Shadow_

    SAXON – Special Anniversary Show on Saturday @ Wacken!

    I am glad that Saxon will perform again, after all the latest album is a killer one...