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    Some stupid airline crap.

    So, I wanted to share with you the stupidness of the airlines..If you remember my plans were to get off the plane at Amsterdam and skip the flight to Hamburg, then train to Hamburg after a few days in the Dam...Sounds resonable right?...WRONG! Two days till takeoff and I called the airline and...
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    Train ticket price from Amsterdam?

    awsome guys thanks, i just needed a bit of that word looks fucked up? i didnt want to go thinking i was guna spend 200 euro for 1 ticket... that about settles all my travling questions. i cant wait to hopfully meet and drink with some or you. if i think of anything else you know...
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    Train ticket price from Amsterdam?

    So ive been searching around for train tickets and all i mostly find are the euro passes, unlimited travel for 10 days type of stuff. I cant find just a one way ticket. Does anybody know how much average a ticket from Amsterdam to Wacken, Itzehoe or Hamburg would cost? what would be the easiest...
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    Hey, you still have Amsterdam planned into the trip to Wacken. Maybe we can meet up along the way.

    Hey, you still have Amsterdam planned into the trip to Wacken. Maybe we can meet up along the way.
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    More questions

    Where are you coming from? I just got my plane tickets today. San diego to some place to amsterdam to hamburg, were just guna get off at amsterdam and take the hamburg flight back to the US. We will be in amsterdam 3 days also. How will you guys be getting from amsterdam to wacken? If you guys...
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    More questions

    So im almost ready, got my tickets, passport and some plane money, looks like its really happening. Me and 1 friend will be attending from California. It seems really dumb to go all the way around the world so close to Amsterdam and not go. how realistic is it to go to amsterdam first then...
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    Argh. Tickets..

    We got our tickets the same day, I was also unsure about what that confirmation meant. I feel a bit more assured now also, thanks for that post. Hope all goes good.
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    Herbs for the show!

    Heh, ya beer will get you into more trouble here in CA then herb. On another note...I ordered my tickets today! Smoke you guys out if I see you. Assuming they actually send me my tickets...
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    Herbs for the show!

    I dont want to bring drugs on the flight and I heard from my boss that weed is legal in germany, or some parts of it. Are there shops that sell there or will i need to find somebody at the concert that can hook me up?
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    happy Metal xmas!

    Im getting Wacken tickets for Xmas couldnt ask for a better present...except maybe the plane tickets :) Happy Metal Xmas
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    Theft at Wacken?

    Geuss Ill kepp the same thread going...Is this the ticket i want to buy? The ALL IN 3 ...Tages?
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    Theft at Wacken?

    That makes me feel better, I wouldnt leave my money in the tent, mostly worried about my beer. If somebody takes my sleeping stuff thats fine but if my beer ended up gone! That would suck. Fast replies also awsome forum, thanks. Im not Dutch Im from USA and will be leaving from SoCal. Edit...
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    Theft at Wacken?

    I was wondering how people keep thier stuff safe. If you buy your beer before the event and just leave your clothes and beer sitting in a tent while your getting drunk and headbangin all day... Hope ill be getting tickets soon.