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    Nice to see another person from Mass around here. NEMHF is pathetic this year. Suffocation playing below bands like August Burns Red and the All that Remains? At least wacken isn't THAT bad...yet. I don't have the money to make it to Europe for any fests until next year, but depending on how the...
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    I don't care too much for them personally, but I think they'd fit in.
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    130 EUROS

    True. Not sure where "over here" is, but in the US a day at ozzfest with 2 or 3 good bands tops will run you $75 or so at least, and not to mention the $20 parking for you'll pay that one day. You're spending close to 100 dollars for around 10 hours of shitty music give or take a couple acts...
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    130 EUROS

    Look at the prices of other festivals and events. It shouldn't come as any surprise to you that prices for EVERYTHING are going up, not just Wacken. You need to keep in mind that labor costs more as well, which includes paying security for 3 days straight, and paying workers for the week or...
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    Let the Trash Talking Begin

    Maybe it's just me, but I find it a bit weird that Wacken considers Machine Head to be a TOP ACT for their 20th anniversary. :confused:
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    RUMORS FOR 2009

    But with a huge name like AC/DC or Metallica, you'll have a good portion of the crowd there to see one band with nothing else to do for 3 days except blow shit up and make videos of themselves smashing tents to put on youtube. Just seems to me like it would be better to have a smaller name like...
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    Metallicas Death Magnetic??

    Meh, I'm not really into what's considered their good material, let alone this newer pop rock stuff they put out. Thrash has never been my thing though, nothing against the band :p
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    RUMORS FOR 2009

    People complained about Iron Maiden drawing too much of an "outside" crowd that wouldn't have gone to Wacken otherwise, imagine the crowds Metallica or AC/DC would draw :rolleyes:. If Wacken wants to make their 20th anniversary a special one for the fans that have been going all these years, get...
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    Any idea when '09 tickets are for sale?

    Why would anyone spend the money to camp at Wacken for 3 days just to blow shit up and smash tents when they don't even care about the music? They could just do that in their backyards :rolleyes:. Sucks when a few idiots have to go and ruin a good time for people who actually care.
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    How do you tell if a band is American?

    If anyone was unfortunate enough to get stuck near the stage during the performances, How did the crowd respond to some of the American metal core bands like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch? (I'm assuming these are some of the bands that were demanding circle pits :rolleyes:). :D It is true...
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    Pictures WOA 2008

    Ha :D, sounds excellent. Right now it's not looking like I'll have the money for Wacken '09, but at the rate I'm putting away (I recently opened an account exclusively for Wacken), I'll be there in two years. Good to know there's even somewhere to go for a swim!
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    your favorite band??

    BLIND GUARDIAN, of course! But also: Vintersorg Amon Amarth Enslaved Bathory Ensiferum Darkthrone Borknagar Eluveitie Moonsorrow Emperor I'm into most any Brutal/Technical Death Metal as well. Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Brodequin, etc.
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    Pictures WOA 2008

    Swimming pool? :confused: Sorry, I've never been to Wacken due to a lack of money, the trip from the US is an expensive one for a student to pay for. There is just nothing this festival doesn't have, is there? Is it in the festival area, or off somewhere else?
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    Mp3 player concerns

    We're raised from a young age to consider ourselves "Americans". The more correct term I believe is "US Americans". what else would you call us? United statesish? :D Most people will give two different answers to the question "What are you" (Obviously referring to their nationality), depending...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Vintersorg - Vildmardens
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    Lauren Harris - Live in Wacken

    this type of announcement doesn't even surprise me anymore. I think at this point Wacken just decided they have nothing left to lose and aren't even trying.
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    Avenged Sevenfold?! ARE THEY SERIOUS?!

    The reason we can't have festivals like this in the United States is because a large portion (probably around 80% or so) of good metal comes from Europe, which makes two problems arise. The first, if good metal is coming from Europe, logic says that's where the fans are too. Simply put, there...
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    Neue Band bestätigt - Avenged Sevenfold

    Exactly, go to another festival. You guys want Wacken to listen to you? Don't go. No petition or any amount of complaining online will get them to listen, but if enough people share the same views you do and don't go, Wacken will make the change and stop signing these bands. And if there's still...
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    Avenged Sevenfold?! ARE THEY SERIOUS?!

    Dude, Your from LA and your saying Europe is too tolerant of "Faggot ass gay shit". Let's not forget Glam rock. You really do an awesome job at helping people forget not EVERYONE in the United States is a complete twat rocket. I dislike A7X just as much as the next person on here, but your being...