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  1. 808Matt

    videos of the day, month, whenever!

    alright guys, i just got this idea, it was to have other people and myself post a youtube video whenever he/she/me saw one that he/she/me like/thinks good,cool,w.e/wana share/any reason/ and make a huge thread of vids. here my first vid, BRUTAL! lemme kno what ya think :P Click this link...
  2. 808Matt

    The best
  3. 808Matt

    Forum Competition! (with prize)

  4. 808Matt


    1312312313123123 Crippled!!!!........AND BROKEN!!!!!!!! this would be such a neck snaping song live
  5. 808Matt


    are they Wacken material?? YES OR NO I vote yes :D
  6. 808Matt

    Metallicas Death Magnetic??

    doing alright here on the rock
  7. 808Matt

    Metallicas Death Magnetic??

    :confused::confused:Hey guys/girls I was just wondering what the fuck you think about Metallicas new album Death Magnetic?:confused::confused: So post your opinions and shit here for me I just got done with the first song and I am not disapointed at all!! I think the thrashy sound is fuckin...
  8. 808Matt

    Stupid shit!

    what the fuck kind of radio station are you listening to?
  9. 808Matt

    Anyone planning on going to Amsterdam after Wacken?

    I wana go to Amsterdam someday
  10. 808Matt

    What are you listening to right now?

    Under The Serpent Sun - At The Gates
  11. 808Matt

    Set lists

    anyone know Kreators set list?
  12. 808Matt

    first timer question

    sure will!
  13. 808Matt

    first timer question

    I rented some kind of movie of Wacken 2004 or 2005, hopefully some sick mosh vids in it. Ill check the armmogeddon over wacken out asap tho!
  14. 808Matt

    What are you listening to right now?

    KREATOR - ENEMY OF GOD \,,/. (0.0) .\,,/
  15. 808Matt

    What are you listening to right now?

    that song is kick ass
  16. 808Matt

    first timer question

    thanks for the vids/info looks intense yeah i am 808Metals nephew :cool:
  17. 808Matt

    first timer question

    What type of moshing goes down at Wacken?? Ive only been in a 20 person Christian Punk Rock band mosh and it was actually fun. I can only imagine what there will be at Wacken!!