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  1. satriomaiden

    KAMELOT confirmed

    FINNTROLL pleeeeeeeeeaaaassssseeee
  2. satriomaiden

    Bands to be confirmed?

    Blind Guardian:D
  3. satriomaiden

    Newbie introductions

    Name : Satrio A. Wibowo Location : Jakarta - Indonesia Age : above 35 First time going to Wacken in 2008. After coming back from Wacken, I wrote a short article for Rolling Stone Magazine and published in November 2008. As my friends read my article they asked me to write the story of...
  4. satriomaiden

    *** BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2009 - UK ***

    Holyfuck....I'd Love to see.... I flew to WOA with around 22 hour-flying time....Indonesia to Germany now I'm dreaming to see Bloodstock.....mettaaaaallllllllll satrio - metalhead with a small chair to see the show......
  5. satriomaiden

    130 EUROS

    and's around IDR. 1,950,000 in my country:D:D:D
  6. satriomaiden

    My body...

    it's too fast...I miss everybody there... so much fun, joy and black shirts wackeeeenn..... I'm happy that I was there... long journey from Indonesia...22 hour flying time met Great People... satrio
  7. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    ooo.... i's close to germany then..:cool:;) see you brother
  8. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    where's leusden anyway?...we would've had party earlier than you Lady Wolf, :D:cool:...
  9. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    hello mindfucked, 12 more hours I'll be leaving...can't wait it's 3.55am in the morning here in Jakarta....:D:cool: too excited
  10. satriomaiden

    1 tiket for sale

    one of my bloke can't join to wacken this year. I'll be in Schanzenstern Altona hotel on July 29 and go to Wacken the following day at 0200pm. Tiket price : 150 euro (possible to bargain) we bought actually 250 euro.. satrio
  11. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    19 more hours to fly with emirates...can't bear this kinda feeling, exciting and I have packed my travel bag and all stuff....:cool:
  12. satriomaiden

    100K in 100 DAYS before WOA:08!!

    congratulation :D:D life begins at hundred
  13. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    still 36 hours before flying to hamburg...bringing red and white indonesian flag- today, metalheads must have arrived at camping area...:cool::cool:
  14. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    oh ma-gat...I always keep those precious things on my bag even when I went to work...:D:D... 2 days left until emirates leaves jakarta to hamburg
  15. satriomaiden


    Aleeeeessssstooorrrmmm......yeessss Pirates Metal....!! I love 'em I bought Metal Hammer and got free cd containing Captain Morgan Revenge... cooolll......I love it....cannot wait to see them on stage....
  16. satriomaiden

    Happy Birthday Sipy!!!

    Happy Birthday metal brother..... Wish you all the best from Jakarta - Indonesia satrio see ya at the pits
  17. satriomaiden

    The Countdown Thread 2008!!!

    aiiiiiyyyyeeeeeee.......I'm leaving on Monday night around 10 pm then arrive at Dubai around 04am.....thence we'll fly by morning flight at 9am to Hamburg still 5 more days Waaacckkkeeennn
  18. satriomaiden

    The big international board meeting!

    :D:D:D.... metalheads, would love to come and join the party with you ..however, as my kidney and liver had a problem so that I had to take a couple of weeks in hospital, Is it ok with you if I don't take a sip of beer with you?
  19. satriomaiden

    $$$ MONEY $$$ (...or lack thereof!)

    Thanks Canuck..:cool::D
  20. satriomaiden

    $$$ MONEY $$$ (...or lack thereof!)

    what kinda goods is actually sold around the medieval market? and how much is the price ranging from ?:D:D